Can I use a formula for this date feature?

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I'm working on transferring my excel system into smartsheet. 

I am creating a newsletter regarding events that happen during a certain period.

In excel I can use a forumula  based on a date. For example if the publish date is 23/5/2018, it will relate to events happening between 24/5/2018 and 3/6/2018. In excel , the event start date column would have a formula e.g. =sum(C13+10) to create right date range.

How do I replicate this as important information in the same row?



  • Mike Wilday
    Mike Wilday ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    You can use dates in your formulas. However, while Excel and Google Sheets use letters to refer to columns - Smartsheet uses the column title. Also, you can use simple math to add or subtract calendar days to a date. So your formula would look something like this. =[date column]13+10 

    This would add 10 days to the date column. This formula would need to be in a date column itself (as is) or used in reference to another formula like in an IF statement. Here is an example statement that would reference a "Date Column" and compare it to another date column to return text in a text/number field. 

    IF([date column title]13+10 > [Due date column]13, "Overdue", "On Time")