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Holidays incorporated into schedule

edited 12/09/19 in Archived 2015 Posts

hi does anyone know how to put a holiday into the schedule so when you are creating schedules it will automatically account/not account for those days? i know it can be done i just can't remember how. thanks


  • Joel Johnson

    In the gantt chart view click the Project Settings icon at the top left, make sure dependencies are enabled and then you can edit working days.  This will edit for the sheet.


    If you need to change it account wide, go to the Account Icon(Top of page), under Account Admin...., Acount Settings....Edit Working Days.




  • Ian

    WORKDAY(): Returns a date that is the specified number of working days before or after a date.


    Example: =WORKDAY([Due Date]5, 6)

    Result: 3/10/14 (US date format)


    You can designate other dates as non-working to exclude them when calculating the new date. To do this, enter each holiday/non-working day into a cell and then reference the range of cells in your WORKDAY formula.


    Syntax: WORKDAY(start, num_of_days, holiday:holiday)

    Example: =WORKDAY([Due Date]1, 365, [Due Date]2:[Due Date]3)

    Result: 3/30/15 (US date format)

  • 31

    perfec thanks


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