Creating an Issue in JIRA from Smartsheet

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I'm using the JIRA connector and I'm getting an error -

"Invalid response from JIRA. statusCode: 400, reasonPhrase: Bad Request Issue type is a sub-task but parent issue key or id not specified."

When I edit the workflow I can't figure out how to add the Parent Key?

Any help will be greatly appreciated




  • IanN
    IanN Employee
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    From the sounds of it, you may be trying to create a Sub-Task from Smartsheet. Sub-Tasks can't be created from Smartsheet, and can only be pulled in when created in JIRA. When creating Issues in Smartsheet, the Connector checks what it is in the "Create screen" in JIRA, and creates Issue Types that are listed on this page. Sub-Tasks cannot be created from the Create Screen, and are, instead, created from within a Task, Story, Epic, etc.

    To create a sub-task, you have to click the three dot menu while in an issue in JIRA and create the sub-task there. If you click the Create button up top, you should not see Sub-Task as an available option.

    if you have further questions about this or if this didn't address your issue, please submit a ticket to our Support team and we'll be happy to help!



  • Wes Whitlam

    I see this update from 2 years ago. Has Smartsheet since allowed for the creation of subtasks?