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How to quickly link tasks in a project?

Barry Seymour
edited 12/09/19 in Archived 2015 Posts

I know of two ways to do it in SmartSheet - drag and link in the Gantt chart, or manually set the predecessor of a task in the sheet. In MS Project you can select two or more tasks and easily link or unlink them using a menu, button or keyboard shortcut. Is there a similar way to link tasks in SmartSheet? (I'm hoping for a keyboard shortcut...)


  • Zack S
    Zack S Employee

    Hello Barry, 


    Currently there aren't any other shortcuts to create a predecessor link between tasks, other than the ones you mentioned, but I'll be sure to add your vote for a keyboard shortuct to link tasks together to our enhancement request list, as we are always looking for customer feedback to improve our product. 


    We appreciate your input! 



  • Caroline

    Any status on whether or not this feature will be added? The example that Barry gave in MS Project is exactly what I was hoping would already be a feature. When planning a large project that has multiple tasks, being able to select multiple cells and click on a link button is truly the most expedient way to link. Hopefully the feature could be added this year, in June :-).




  • Julianne Chai

    Ditto, I'm also looking for ways to quickly link multiple tasks in Smartsheet. I see a link icon for linking from other sheets but nothing within it's own project. Any updates??


    Thank you!

  • Sarat N

    I agree. It is quite simple in MS Project to link tasks with a click. This feature is quite handy especially when the tasks are linearly dependent.

    Hope Smartsheet includes this feature soon.

  • luke41686

    It has been a couple years.... I don't see the shortcut.....

  • Jswanton

    I agree a button similar to MS Project to link predecessor task would improve the usability of Smartsheets. 

  • rick.b

    i agree - this is basic functionality for a project management tool - it seems like a glaring omission.

  • brmathes

    Um .. this missing feature is like having MS Word with no insert key.  Please DO add this feature ASAP .. it's forcing me to do all my heavy lifting in MS Project or OmniPlan .. and then import. 

  • petebrainard

    I just opened a trial account to try out this tool for managing projects for an organization of 2500 people and this functional omission is troubling.

    Even more troubling is the lack of SmartSheet product owner response to the other people on this board asking for status updates on this simple function that MS Project has had for at least a decade.

    If you're selling a tool that is rooted in providing a platform for Agile project management methodologies and your product owners are disconnected from the users as this seems to suggest, then I cannot fathom recommending my organization replace Microsoft Project Online with your tool.

    It's one thing to be on the slow end of adopting product features. It's quite another matter to be deaf and mute to the client. Take my feedback for what it's worth.

  • dlleno
    edited 04/01/19

    I'm still playing with the trial version myself, and discovered an acceptable way to link a series of tasks, although you have to think more "Excel" like than "MS Project" like:  In the Gantt view, set the first predecessor manually, and then then drag its handle (lower right) down, as if you were generating a sequence in Excel:  the sequence of predecessors auto-populates.  

    the capability isn't as refined or developed as MS Project, but for medium sized projects trying to avoid the weight of larger/more complex PM tools, its acceptable

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