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Lifestyle PMO
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We have recently spotted as license users that we have used 493 of 1300 sheets. Is there a process to increase this 'Sheets Owned' figure or do we not need to worry?

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  • Hi Lifestyle PMO,

    Available sheets are added to your account when you purchase additional licenses. Details on number of sheets per license per account type is available on our pricing page:

    This is a total of the number of sheets that you're allowed to have in your account at the same time. If you hit your maximum, you can delete sheets in order to make room to create new ones.

    Some people will archive their sheets using the backups feature on a quarterly, biannual, or annual basis. More information on the backup feature is available in the help center:

    You'll always have the option to delete sheets to create space, or to purchase additional licenses if you need room to create more sheets.