Trying to use sumif with dates

I am trying to sum values from Study column which only have a value in start date column less than today's date.

=SUMIF([start date]1:[start date]9, "<"&today, [Study]1:[Study]9)

the result is #UNPARSEABLE and I don't know why. Does anybody have advice?


start date   Study sum

11/1/17      12

11/1/18      3    





  • RebSchr
    RebSchr ✭✭✭✭✭

    I recently did this in  one of my sheets. 

    The first one will give you the total for anything less than today.  The second one will give you anything greater than the day.  I also know that you can put specific parameters on the dates - meaning if I wanted to look at the current date plus the last 3 days, you can add -3 in between the parentheses 

    =SUMIF([Start Date]1:[Start Date]9, <=TODAY(), Study1:Study9)


    =SUMIF([Start Date]1:[Start Date]9, >=TODAY(), Study1:Study9)

    Using -3:

    =SUMIF([Start Date]1:[Start Date]9, >=TODAY(-3), Study1:Study9)

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