Combine Form Row information into Single Row data

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Hello all.

We are looking for a way to take rows entered via webform and then merge the information into a single row of data.

To give you an example of what we are doing. We enter a building Number (currently Primary Column) and a unit number into the form. There are then unique items we are checking off in the form or entering notes etc. Not an issue if only one person is doing the entire entry, but since this is for 100% unit inspections we typically have more than one and up to four people entering different information. 

Currently what we get from this is up to 4 rows of information for a single unit. How can we automate a process to take these rows and combine them based on the building number then the unit number? Would like to add information into a column from all 4 entries potentially without having it overwrite any one cell. 



  • Chris McKay
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    The challenge you will have here is ensuring that the unique identifier (e.g. the Building and Unit Number) is consistent across the related rows.

    Assuming that the process starts with a set of criteria being entered into the form, this could be used to create the unique ID. You could then build out a Summary sheet and use this unique ID on your form data sheet to create a row in your Summary sheet (using an INDEX/MATCH and cross-sheet references). Then corresponding rows (with the same unique ID) could be pulled into the different Summary sheet columns.

    A simpler way to achieve this though would be to utilise the Update Request functionality. This way you're asking people to update the same row, thereby ensuring that the unique ID is consistent.

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    Chris McKay

  • Chris,

    Appreciate the response. The Update Request feature however does not help with this situation.

    The process goes something like this.

    Owners request us to do a proposal for a project. We know minimal details in the early stages of this process. We know total unit counts and possibly total buildings and unit types as well. Rarely do we know the actual unique apartment identifier until we are onsite doing the 100% unit walk.

    Once the walk is setup we then pre-fill in the columns that have information needed during the walk, IE entry door condition or amount of heavy furniture. These range from checkboxes to dropdowns to notes or photos. 

    So as you can hopefully gather we have a list of items to check in each unit. The form works great for the data entry (particularly using a Surface Pro), the only issue is that we can have a large group of people walking and usually 2 people entering in data for a single unit, IE one upstairs in bath and bedrooms and one in downstairs kitchen and living room.

    Need a way to make this data turn into actual information we can utilize though as it can be used to fill in other smartsheets for punch lists and schedules.

  • Hello,

    Did you ever find a good solution to this?



  • rgochee
    rgochee ✭✭✭✭

    Yes, using the card view to input data vs. using the form app allows us to have multiple people update the row simultaneously.