Can I set up a report to auto run?

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Hi there,


I have a report set up with all of our bidding projects. Every week I go in, change the date to dates greater than "today", then click "Run" so it'll only populate future bids. But now I'd like for it to automatically refresh with "today's" date every day. This way I can have it displayed on a dashboard. Is there a way to do this? 





  • Stefan 7k

    Hi Rachael,

    common problem with Smartsheet, as the Today function only runs if you open (and save) a sheet.

    Usual solution to this is using a dedicated "master" sheet with the today function in a cell. Your sheet would have a cell link to this master sheet.

    To auto-update the master sheet you need an external service called Zapier. This service connects to your Smartsheet account and can (besides other options) open a specified sheet every day, make changes to a row or cell and close & save the sheet. This way the Today function get's triggered.

    It's free for very limited numbers of actions.

    Hope this helps


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