Creating a technology device loaning process

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Good day everyone. I am new to the community but not new to Smartsheet. Have been using at my company for a number of years now.

My team has acquired a quite a few pieces of equipment and it seems that we are constantly loaning them out to other teams for certain periods of time.

I have been working on a loaning process that would revolve around Smartsheet, allowing another team to access a Smartsheet form, complete the required information (i.e. - Device requested (selected form a dropdown), requester's email address, request date (date the device will be needed), and a return date).

I have also setup an approval process for myself and a colleague to be notified and either approve or deny a request.

The only piece I can't figure out (and wasn't successful with receiving assistance from Smartsheet) is how to not allow a device to be selected/selectable from the dropdown (on the form) or not allow the form to be submitted (with a message stating why) if the request date and return date span overlap with another request that has already been approved.

Is this possible? If yes, can someone assist me getting this configured?


Thank you


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