Pie Charts and 2 rows of data - Possible Bug w/workarond

edited 12/09/19 in Smartsheet Basics

Just submitted this to Smartsheet, thought I would share with the community to see if it was indeed a bug, or if anyone else has experienced the same?



I have a report with two lines of data showing...

When reflecting that data on a dashboard, I am unable to select a pie chart when there are only two lines of data from the report, even though this type of graph should be possible.


Work around:

If I falcify my data so that a third line is shown in the report, then I am able to select a pie chart graph type, which I can then put on my dashboard.

If I then go back and correct the data to be true, with only two lines of data showing in the report... the pie chart remains, reflecting both lines of data.


Edit: This also works for single lines of data.



Steve Hyde.