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I am trying to create a resource management sheet to show who of my resources is busy or not and what his utilization % is. My resources travel to locations and i would like to be able to see in resource view the time that is being used for travel separately from the class time. 

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  • Mick Jordan

    Hi Aldina, have you thought about using a seperate sheet just for travelling time.  The time spend travelling and class time would then be shown seperately in the Resource View.


  • @aldinag
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    Thanks @Mick Jordan

    I guess.. but that means having to build a new sheet from scratch... frown or is there a formula that I can do something like ..if the location is not .YXZ..then duration (whatever on the duration column)+6hours? (Not an excel expert tho..) 

    - still, the resource view uses start and end time not duration..i think. 

    Any thoughts?

    Thanks Mick.