iPad app Dashboard Report Widget not updating

Dan Seidler
Dan Seidler ✭✭
edited 12/09/19 in Smartsheet Basics

Our Users work from a Dashboard, which utilize Report Widgets.  Some of our Users will use an iPad.  Though the Report Widget updates correctly on the Desktop browser, the Report Widget will remain blank on the iPad application.  If the User clicks on the Report Widget, the Report opens and displays the Rows assigned to them.  

No matter how many times the User refreshes the Smartsheet app, the Report Widget will not update.  Our Users will not know that a new Row has been assigned to them if they simply rely on the Report Widget display.  

Is there a way to force the Report Widget to display the current information on the Report?  Or is this a side effect from the recent Reporting delay issue?



  • Shaine Greenwood

    Hi Dan,

    It sounds like you may be using a report with the current user criteria. The behavior of this is such that the person who last edited that report widget will always appear as the current user.

    If you're the last person that edited that report widget (even if the last edit was you creating the widget to begin with) then others will only see tasks assigned to you, if any.

    I'd recommend having users either look directly at the report, as that'll reflect them as the current user, or consider using update requests for people to make updates when they're assigned to a task: https://help.smartsheet.com/articles/504779-using-update-requests

  • Dan Seidler

    Thanks Shaine.  That is unfortunate, but I appreciate your feedback. - Dan

  • Dan Seidler

    After attending the Smartsheet Academy 201 course, I learned that if the Report is setup for the "Current User", the Report Widget will always display what is assigned to the "Owner" of that Report.  Since I am the Admin, and do not have work assigned to me, this was the reason why the Report Widget was always blank for the other Users.