SumIfs Formula is not working out.. Trade1:Trade5, "Demo", Cost1:Cost5

Shane Umstead
edited 12/09/19 in Smartsheet Basics

I am really struggling with the  following formula.. Below is the list of my columns of data that comes in automated into a sheet, by way of a webform  I have about 50 trades, like (demo, framing, electrical, plumbing etc).....I want my formula to reference the trade column, and pick up only the  entries for "framing" to date and tally up the cost.during the project duration.. My guess is I have to build separate forms for each trade..... New entries come in each it needs to sum automatically.... With Excel, its easy to build a pivot table with all of the data, but thats not what i am after....I have a dashboard for each project......and one widget is the P/L for the Job so the field managers can plug in data real time.....(not our accounting system) so this allows us to see real time where we are with cost.....

Line Item    Date    QB Category    Trade    Check #    Cost    Labor/Sub/Vendor    Job    Notes