Skip Mathews
edited 12/09/19 in Smartsheet Basics

Does Smartsheet have a "go-to" feature for the gantt chart view?

When using gantt chart view and I select a task in the "Task Name" column, if the date of that task is not visible in the bar chart, is there a way I can "go-to" the correct date?

In MS Project there is an actual "go-to" button for this purpose.

I have pasted in a note from the MS Project help to explain what I need...

"A common problem in Project is that the Gantt Chart does not display the bar for the selected task to the right of the task list in the Gantt Chart. Often the screen has scrolled over as the result of another action. In Gantt Chart view, click in the task and press Control + Shift + F5 to “line up” the Gantt Chart with the selected task. In older versions, this was called Go to Selected Task."

Can Smartsheet do this ??

Thank you!!