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Silvia C Rodriguez
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Hello experts!

I need your help to figure out what's the best way to create a report/dashboard?

I have a total of 130 SmartSheets. I need to combine all of them in one. I am not sure if a report and or a dashboard would be the best way.

All the columns are the same in ea. sheet, but the second columns (Task Name)

What would you advise? Please help!!






  • Do you want to report a milestone taht i similar in all projects? (so it must appear the same way in Task Name, then you can filter it by report.

    Do you want to report achievement progress ? (so the data must appear somewhere project-by-project, then you can pick it up in a report)

    Do you want to see 130 KPIs ? (So you probably want to discriminate in categories to make subgroups, therefore first create the remlated category column, then you can select the category you want in a report)


    Do you want to show sub-totals? So determine the data to sum up and the possible groupings, then consolidate)

  • Silvia C Rodriguez