Multiple IFS

edited 12/09/19 in Formulas and Functions

Hi, this should be relatively easy I think, but I'm struggling. I have the following formula (pasted below these comments) functioning to test whether a certain value exists (IFC) within a range on another sheet, and then returning "" if no, or that same value ("IFC") if yes.

I want to continue and test the same range for IBC and return the same "" or IBC, and then test the same range for BC and return the same "" or BC, and so on.

How do I please combine those in the formula? Many thanks. 


=IF( COUNTA( IFERROR( FILTER( DeLand_2018!R1:R2000, DeLand_2018!R1:R2000="IFC" ) ) ) , "" , "IFC" )



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