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Is there a way to highlight a date column in the printed sheet?

Useful in a meeting for people to quickly see the project progress...


  • You can highlight an entire column by clicking on the column header (which will select the column) and use the background color button on your toolbar. Once you have your color selected, save and print! 

  • Sorry, I meant in the timeline. Doesn't seem to be any way to format the date columns in the timeline....

  • Are you referring to the Gantt chart? You can’t add formatting vertically but you can add horizontal formatting. 

  • Yes, in the Gantt timeline. Curiously there is a dotted vertical line indicating current date when working in the Sheet,  but it doesn't appear when printed, and there doesn't seem to be a way of highlighting a date column...

  • You are correct, there isn’t a way to apply any sort of vertical formatting in the Gantt chart or to include the “today” dotted line when printing. I would think the dotted line isn’t included because “today” will change each day so “tomorrow” the printed file will not update and would be incorrect. 



    As for highlighting sections in the Gantt chart, once exported to a PDF you could open it in a PDF view and add boxes or other formatting to highlight sections of the Gantt chart

  • Yes, post export PDF editing seems to be the only way.

    Thanks Sasha.

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