Changing Send To for Reports "send as attachement"

Mario K M
Mario K M
edited 12/09/19 in Smartsheet Basics

I have a report that I have on a delivery schedule.  Over time I have had to add and delete names.  Since the functionality doesn't allow you to easily change the sent to list for existing reports, I have had to delete and recreate "send as attachment" jobs.

I know there is a way to manage a distribution list which is what I want to do.

Rather than put the time to make such changes, I took just create new reports with additional names.  But now I want to migrate over to using a distribution list.

I am trying to get the list of names from each active report.  The only way to get the list is to hover the mouse over the "sent to" report.  Is there a way to export the list to help facilitate creating a distribution list?

Last time I did this, I had to hover the mouse over the report and write the names down on paper.  Crazy.  I can't even take a screen shot because of how the report is designed vs. how "Snipping Tool" functions.  Really crazy.