SUMIF statement based on dates

dchapman ✭✭
edited 12/09/19 in Formulas and Functions

I would like to create a SUMIF equation to only sum data (column F) based on a date range (column B).  It works in excel with the following equation for reference.

=SUMIF($B$9:$B$2000, ">=9/1/2018", $F$9:$F$2000)-SUMIF($B$9:$B$2000, ">=9/30/2018", $F$9:$F$2000)


However, when I import it to smartsheets, I get an error. 


My best attempt at the new equation is (also creating an error):

=SUMIF(Date:Date, AND(@cell >= DATE(2018, 9, 22), @cell < DATE(2018, 9, 28))), Onboarding:Onboarding)


Could someone help me with how the equation should be formatted?





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