Suddenly formulas not showing in report


Hi guys,


i really think i am overviewing something so maybe you can help. It seems simple but just cannot figger it out.

I have a report with formulas extracting from serveal sheets. We need so see the formula because it includes information we need. For example: in a sheet a ceel is 20*5 it meens sizes of a advertisement. So in the report you see the formula and by mousing over you immediatly see the size 20 x 5. Very easu. But just a week or so ago it stopped showing these formulas. We see a formula sign Fx pop up under the cell, but we dont see the formula while we knopw its there because cell like in example says 100. So its there, its in the sheet, but in the report not showing. We looked all options, roles do not do it, and are not changed, sheet is desame no changes.

Did something in smartsheet maybe chaned? I looked everywhere here, and cannot find it. Support is not reacting so maybe someone cab help, or any idea?