Allowing multiple contacts per cell leads card view is removed.


Card view is removed automatically when changing configuration of a contacts type column to multiple contacts per cell. I need that card view. 


  • Andrée Starå
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    Smartsheet is working on improvements for the multiple contacts. Meanwhile, you have to use single contact columns (single and multiple contacts are two different types of columns)

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  • Daniel Stein

    Andree is correct that while you can still view multi-contact fields in card view, you can only use single-contact fields as your card view lanes.

    We would be interested to hear how you would want to use multi-contact fields as card view lanes. In particular, how would you expect a card that's assigned to multiple people to show up in card view?

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  • Kate Hasse
    Kate Hasse ✭✭✭
    edited 07/18/19


    I am having this issue as well. I see the difficulty of figuring out how to assign these columns out in card view. A couple thoughts...

    1) It looks like SS automatically organizes multi-contact cells alphabetically. Frankly, I would be fine if that is how cards showed up in card view, i.e. whichever name shows up FIRST in the cell is assigned to that lane in card view. As long as the field for Assigned To still shows both names, I would be perfectly fine to have it auto placed alphabetically. 

    2) This would be the ideal situation in my opinion, although likely more difficult to achieve. The card with multiple contacts in Assigned To shows up in each and every lane with a name in that cell. I.e. the Assigned To has "Kate, Blaire and Trent" in the cell, this card with duplicated information shows up in the Kate, Blaire AND Trent lane. However, the reason this would be more difficult is that I would NOT want there to be 3 actual rows - I would want it to be 1 row showing up as a card in 3 places. Anytime I edit the card in any one of those 3 places, it updates that 1 row and therefore gets updated across all the lanes. THIS, in my opinion would be the most effective for most people based on how I am reading folks use this feature. 


    If number 2 isn't possible, as I said, I would be fine with option 1, but those are my suggestions based on your question. Please let me know if any of my comments do not make sense or if you have questions. Thank you!