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Print report from Project and Task Management Template

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I have created a sheet utilizing the project and task management template and would like to print a report that displays only select columns of the sheet for use during a status meeting.  I would like all rows to print, but only some columns.  Is there a way to do this?  Currently, we are hiding the columns and then printing out, but it is tedious and they have to be unhidden after the status meeting is over.  If there is an automated way to do this, it would be helpful.  Thanks in advance.




  • Amy Johnson

    The only way to select certain column to print, is to hide the ones you dont want included. It is easy to unhide with the "Unhide all columns" function.


    If you are including a Gantt chart, then you will have options for which columns you want to include.


    You might try using reports instead. Reports allow you to select which columns you want to view and can show all the rows from your sheet. You can print the report just like a sheet, but it will only print the columns you have included in the report. 

  • I had the same problem, reported it to support@Smartsheet.com and received a case number and then a solution within 3 days:

    "...Thanks for your patience as we investigated further. I can confirm that when using the steps below to print a single row from a column, all unhidden columns from the source sheet will be included:

    1. Select a row in the report
    2. Right-click the row number
    3. Select Print option

    When using the steps below instead, the printed rows will only include the columns in the report: 

    1. Select a row, multiple rows, or no rows
    2. Click the Print icon in the toolbar (upper left above the sheet)

    Using the Print icon, you can select a single row and print only the columns included in the report, but the right-click context menu option for printing will always include the unhidden columns from the source sheet. This is by design, but I have notified the Product team that you've provided feedback for the desire for it to work like the Print icon instead...."

    Tested it and it works. Only the columns of the report are displayed on the print. 

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