Sum rows if shared value in another column?

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I'm trying to summarize hours worked on each project for each month. My list of projects changes regularly with some coming in and some going out. Data is collected weekly so there will be multiple entries for each project. My thought was to SumIF the project identifier matches. I'm new to Smartsheet and have searched the community and haven't found a solution.

Thank you for any help you can offer!

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  • Stefan 7k

    Hi Amy,

    yes, the SUMIF formula is the way to go.

    Based on your example an simple example would be:

    =SUMIF([Primary Column]:[Primary Column], "Pen", hours:hours)

    If you require more conditions to be met, you have to use the SUMIFS formula. Be aware though, that in SUMIFS, the column to be counted has to be named first. Example: 

    =SUMIFS(hours:hours, [Primary Column]:[Primary Column], "Pen")

    Smartsheet provides a great formula overview with live examples as a sheet in the provided templates. Search for "Smartsheet formula examples".



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