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Hi! I am trying to reference another sheet in a SUMIF. But I get "#UNPARSEABLE" 

I want to sum contribution $ in Column 2 if the vendor name is 9X. This info is in Sheet2. I am referencing it in Sheet1

Here is the formula : =SUMIF({VEND},"=9X",[{DSU}])

I have tried the formula =SUMIF({VEND},"9X",[{DSU}])

And as: =SUMIF([{VEND}1:{VEND}200],"9X",[{DSU}1:{DSU}200])

What am I doing wrong?


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    should work, but not being able to see what the range references are I can't be positive it will work


    Try that and see if it works, if it doesn't, then please explain how you made the range references.

  • Well, it changed from "UNPARSEABLE" to "INVALID REF". Could it be because the first reference range is not numerical?


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    the first reference range doesn't need to be a number. only the second. If you have a text value inside of the dollar range that could mess it up, but it seems more likely to me that the ranges aren't matching up.

     The references need to contain the same amount of criteria. For example it will give you an error if you have 10 rows referenced in one and 11 in the other. 

    the easy way to do that is to use column references by clicking on the header of the column. If that isn't a viable solution for you you simply need to make sure the references have the same amount of data.


    Can you attach a screenshot of the sheet that is being analyzed?


  • Wow! Thanks! I had a few values empty in the sum_range. It worked!!! 

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