Combining AND with OR

tgaleza ✭✭
edited 12/09/19 in Formulas and Functions

From a logical perspective, I'm trying to write a formula that says the following - 

If the (Issue Type = 'BUG') AND the( Status = 1 of 5 possible values), then the cell value should be a red ball, otherwise, the cell value should be green. Regardless of what I try to type, I'm either getting #UNPARSEABLE or #INCORRECT ARGUMENT SET as my response. Any assistance would be appreciated. Below is my current exact syntax...

=IF(AND([Issue Type]2 = "Bug", IF(OR(Status2 = "Waiting for support", Status2 = "Pending", Status2 = "Open", Status2 = "Reopened", Status2 = "Requested"))), "Red", "Green")

Thank you in advance.


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