Resource % Allocation per line item assignement

Tim J
Tim J ✭✭
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( Maybe Shane can answer this).   It appears that Smartsheets Resource Management is not providing task level or line item assignment % allocation but instead rolls up the % allocation per sheet.    My question is how do solve the issue for the cases below? 

The Problem

Case 1

In Portfolio Management Office (PMO) we do not need to create a sheet for every project. All we need is a Project ID and a line item or a few ( milestones) and the Resource Assigned.  But Smartsheets is not enabling us to see % Allocation in sum and at the individual line item ( project ID, and additional meta-data).  Unless we create multiple sheets one for each project.  Again we don't need that and with nearly 800 projects ( don't worry we manage many projects that are 3-6 month duration, globally)  that would be too many sheets. 

Case 2

Lets say our service organization utilizes "work orders" to assign resources and complete requested work.   The centralized team does not need to create a sheet for each work order 'number' issued.  We only need to see the list of all work orders in a given time period and the resource allocation assignment.  This too is not possible with the current way Smartsheets Resource Management is setup.  

Suggestions?  Is there an enhancement from Smartsheets on the way?