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I have a large data table used an experiment tracker, and I'd like to summarize columns to graph on the dashboard. The first column is a drop down list called vessel type, which has 12 different vessels. The second column is a drop down of pass, fail, and pending. I know I can use the COUNTIF to tally the number of pass, fail, pending, but is there a formula I can use to break that into vessel types? I think it would be similar to a pivot table in excel, but wasn't sure if there was a way for smartsheet to do that. Thank you.


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    If you'd like to create a formula that counts the # of pass, fail, pending for each of the 12 individual vessels you could achieve this utilizing a COUNTIFS Function.


    A COUNTIFS formula Counts the number of cells within a range that meet all of the specified criteria, which can be criteria of different columns. 


    For example, you could count with this formula the number of pass submissions of vessel 1. Or you could count the amount of pass and pending submissions of vessel 2. etc. 




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