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Randy Van Winkle
Randy Van Winkle ✭✭✭
edited 12/09/19 in Smartsheet Basics

Hello, I have a free collaborator in my organization that has an issue with access not being granted when he is on the shared list.  I got access requests from him today that show from the exact same email as the one that I have granted access to.  what could be causing this? 


  • Alison
    Alison Employee

    Hi Randy,

    This sounds like something our Support team could help you with; use this link and provide the following information:

    1) What the email address is 

    2) Provide the Secure Sheet Link to the sheet (found by going to "Share" > "Collaborators" and copying the "Secure Sheet Link") to which the user is shared,

    3) Screenshots of the user set up in the sharing tab and also of the email you received, with a timestamp.

    They'll be happy to help you find an answer to this!




  • Randy Van Winkle

    Thanks I will give that a try