Count specific total number grand children rows and ignore higher rows

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Hello All,

I am tracking different sessions being hosted between employees.

The sessions are the rows with the white background. I want to dynamically count the total number of sessions that are happening for row 2 "IMC".

So I need to count the number of children of row 3 "IMC Common Architecture" as well as the number of children of  row 6 "IMC CAD" to come up with a total.

Right now just to make it work, I am using:

=COUNT(CHILDREN([Task Name]3), +COUNT(CHILDREN([Task Name]6)))

Which is somehow returning the number 3, rather than 11.

However, more light gray parent rows, like "IMC RMS" may be added a later date, so I would like to count the sessions under these dynamically and not have to edit my formula in the future.

I can't just count the children of row 2 IMC because then it would include the topic rows like "IMC Common Architecture".

Is this possible?


Screen Shot 2018-12-13 at 9.13.05 AM.png


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