Set certain weekend days as work days inside a project. 

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I need to set certain weekend days as work days inside a project. Does anyone know how to do this?


I can set all days as working days and then add back in the weekends as nonworking days, but this seems laborious.




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    Thanks for your post! If I understand correctly, you want to set specific weekend days as working days, similar to the "Non-working days" feature in project settings with the opposite function. This isn't currently a feature, but you can submit a product enhancement request with the quick link to the right. The workaround of entering all days as working days, then adding the non-working days back to the sheet would be one way to resolve this. Alternatively, for tasks that require labor on weekdays, create two sub-tasks for Saturday and Sunday.

    Note that you can also use Elapsed Time in your Duration Column to ignore non-working days on specific tasks if needed (

    I hope this helps clear some things up!

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