Tick checkbox when all cells have been filled (mixed column types)

KGarciaDF ✭✭
edited 12/09/19 in Smartsheet Basics

Hello all, 

I need a checkbox to automatically check when all other cells have been filled. I have tried using =IF(ISDATE([Handoff Docs. Received Date]3), 1) = IF(ISTEXT([Engineer Assigned]3), 1) = IF(ISTEXT([Sales Rep]3), 1) = IF([Completed Handoff Doc.]3, 1, 0)

When all columns are text columns this formula works like a charm minus the last part of the formula of course. However, I have all sorts of Column types that I need to make sure are being filled in. Once I insert a different type of column into this formula the checkbox checks and unchecks randomly. How do I accomplish my checkbox automatically being checked when all fields in that same row are not black regardless of column type. 


Thank you.