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Supplier Order Management

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i have signed up for the trail version to see if we can design a smartsheet for supplier order management.


We are a small bookshop and our customers send us their orders via email and websites. We then check stocks in our warehouse if available we supply and if not then we inform "ORDERS DEPARTMENT". The Department then issues a Acknowledgement number.  All the orders are pasted in a single sheet (google drive) and each team member of the department is responsible for different type of work as explained below.


1. Member 1: responsible for issuing of acknowloedgment number and inputing the list of books required along with quantities into the common file


2. Member 2: Responsible for taking action on the order which as follows

  a. Issuing of Order Number and sending email to suppliers 

  b. Marking the order as "PENDING" (a list of reasons are mentioned)

  c. Marking the order as "Availability confirmation" (Sending enquires to suppliers for stock positions)

  d. Marking the order as "Available in offshore Warehouse" and sending email to warehouse manager


3. Member 3: Updating the details of supplier Invoices (like dispath details, expected delivery date) into the sheet  and also updating replies of "availability confirmations"


4. Team leader : Generation of reports


can you help me in designing this sheet. 



madhuresh sahh


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