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I'm new to the community but have used SS for about a year now. I've never managed to get the resource management view reflecting our needs. In essence, we need to understand our baseline capabilities on a team level, before allocating tasks and tracking overallocation daily on an individual basis.  Is there a way to report resource allocation at a macro level for teams (not a filtered list on individuals within a team), before drilling into individual allocations?






  • Isaac Jose
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    Thanks for your post! Currently, Resource View will always show the resources at an Individual level. With that being said, you can create different resource views filtered by Project, User, or Contact Group. So, if needed, you can definitely create a Resource View that looks at all of the resources in a specific team to determine if you can allocate that team to a project. More information about this can be found below:

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  • I tried the Resource View - though under the Resource name it shows me the specific sheet name and not the project / task assigned to that resource.. any reason please ? 

    As of now i have a single project tracker with all projects mentioned in it. Do i need different sheet for different projects.

  • Isaac Jose
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    Hi Neelesh,

    Resource view is generally optimized as a high-level view of resource allocation across several project sheets. If you're tracking all of your projects within a single sheet, that sheet is essentially the equivalent of the in-app Resource View.

    If your current project tracking sheet works for you, I would likely recommend creating filters on the sheet to create different views of the sheet based on who is assigned to each project (Create a Filter to Show or Hide Data). 

    If you would eventually like to track more granular project information at the sheet level with Resource Views as more of a high-level overview, I would recommend taking a look at the Project Tracking and Rollup template set 

    If you track each project with a new copy of the template set, then each project will automatically have associated dashboards and reports for high level data visualiztion as well as the ability to track granular task information. You can then use Resource View to get a high level overview of resource allocation across several project sheets.

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