Calculating the duration between 4 dates

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Does anyone know the formula to count the days between 4 dates.  If the Ready to Launch date is greater than or equal to the Received IO, then the Duration would equal the number of days from Start to Launched.  Otherwise, the Duration would equal (days from Start to Ready to Launch) + (days from Received IO to Launch).  

Start-C          Ready to Launch-D    Received IO-E    Launched-F    Duration

12/20/2018   1/1/2019                       1/6/2019               1/7/2019           13

12/20/2018   0                                     0                           1/7/2019           18

12/20/2018   1/6/2019                       1/1/2019               1/19/2019         30

Excel formula:  


Smartsheet has a function "NETWORKDAY" that will only count business days.  Here is the formula I am receiving errors on:  

=IF([Ready for Launch]2 >= [Received IO]2, (NETWORKDAY([Start]2, [Launch]2)), (NETWORKDAY([Start]2, [Ready for Launch]2)+NETWORKDAY([Received IO]2, [Launch]2)))


Thanks in advance for any assistance you can offer!


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