COUNTIFS to Calculate Tenure within a Date range

edited 12/09/19 in Smartsheet Basics

I am trying to count the number of our employees that leave in the first 60 days if they were hired in a certain month while referencing another sheet.  In my original sheet I have 2 date columns (Hire date and Departure date) then a count field that calculates the net days between the two. 

This is the formula I have and I am getting an #INCORRECT ARGUMENT SET error.  I am sure it's something simple but need this completed ASAP for a dashboard.

=COUNTIFS({Onboarding Step Tracking Range 1}, @cell >= DATE(2018, 1, 1), {Onboarding Step Tracking Range 1}, @cell <= DATE(2018, 1, 31), {Onboarding Step Tracking Range 4}, <=60)


The last range/criteria is where i am having issues. 

Thank you!