Embedding IFERROR into an existing formula

Sarah Thompson
edited 12/09/19 in Formulas and Functions

I need some help as to how to embed an IFERROR function into this formula: 

=IF([Group Contract Anticipated]438 = 0, "Gray", IF(ISBLANK([Deposit Due Date]438), "Gray", IF(ISDATE([Deposit Sent]438), "Green", IF(TODAY() - [Deposit Due Date]438 <= -10, "Green", IF(TODAY() - [Deposit Due Date]438 > -7, "Red", IF(TODAY() - [Deposit Due Date]438 > -10, "Yellow"))))))

Someone could put N/A in one of those columns and it comes up as an invalid value, when it's actually fine. I want it to display N/A. 

I'm not 100% sure if IFERROR is even the right function to use. Any help would be appreciated!




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