Can I connect and initiate a Datamesh config using Zapier?

Gopikrishna Mamidipudi
Gopikrishna Mamidipudi ✭✭✭✭
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Can I connect and initiate a Datamesh config using Zapier? Every time I add a new row to Sheet A, I'm using Zapier to create a new row in Sheet B. Sheet B has other columns that need to be updated from Sheet C, by "joining" specific columns in Sheet B and C using the Datamesh. How can I achieve this with Zapier or otherwise?


  • Anthony M.
    Anthony M. Employee

    Hello Gopikrishna,

    Thank you for reaching out on Community. I'd be happy to shed some light on this scenario for you.

    Getting both Zapier and Data Mesh going to automate your workflow is definitely possible. What you have described should be exactly how it works. Using your Zap to add your new row from Sheet A to Sheet B. Then having your Data Mesh run with Sheet B as your target sheet. The couple things to keep in mind would be ensuring that what you enter on Sheet A, contains enough information for your Data Mesh to run on Sheet B and pull the correct information from Sheet C to "join" your data. The other concern would be your execution time. Setting everything to update immediately may cause a collision of data down the road. You will likely want to set some regular intervals on both your Zap and your Data Mesh config. to prevent this from happening.

    Hopefully that helps address your concern. Should you have any specific follow up questions, please feel free to open a ticket with our Support team( and we will be happy to dive deeper into your scenario.

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