Trouble with including one row across multiple assignee reports

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Hi friends,

Having a bit of difficulty setting up a series of over/under reports. I'd like the report to pull any project with the employee's name matched in the "Resource name", and only pull projects where the "Resource status" is set to "Active" (or "not Inactive" to pull anything where we may have made an error). This is all well and fine except for when I try to also include one row where there is no resource name to pull - primary column is equal to "Maximum allocation per month". This is a row that will never have a resource assigned but instead will be used across everyone's individual reports. Hopefully that makes sense. 

How can I convince the report builder to include this row while still only include "active" projects assigned to the "resource name", and have this work across each individual per-person report? I've tried every combination of "and" and "or" to no avail.

Any tips/tricks? Screenshots below. Thanks! 

2019-01-28 2-50-46 PM.jpg

2019-01-28 2-50-59 PM.jpg



  • Nic Larsen
    Nic Larsen ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    Could you add a check box helper column, check the box for that row(s) and hid it from view. 

    Add it as an "OR" to your What? criteria to always pull in that row. 

  • JLC
    JLC ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    This won't work as I have another "What" factor that need to be included. 

    I'd need to have the resource's name in the row I want showing across everyone's report, which isn't a possibility. Using "or" doesn't work, because then it pulls every entry (not simply the ones assigned to the resource in question).

  • JLC
    JLC ✭✭✭✭✭✭