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"Other Sheets" in Resource View & Error message

Gordon ✭✭✭✭✭
edited 12/09/19 in Archived 2016 Posts

For certain users, a non-hyperlinked row called "Other Sheets" is listed, and has overallocated that resource to 300%.  Unfortunately, since it's not hyperlinked, I cannot see what sheets/tasks the resource is assigned on to resolve the conflict.


What does "Other Sheets" represent?  Is is from resource-enabled sheets that I'm not shared to, but the resource has been allocated tasks to?


Also, when we initially implemented S/S in September, I used to receive an error message quite often while online "We are unable to load the requested resource view.  Please try again in a few minutes"  The error would pop up at random intervals and didn't seem to be related to any specific function or even if I was in a resource view or not.  Then, it stopped appearing around the holidays, but has started re-appearing again in the new year.  All of our users report and receive the error, and it occurs here in the office, or remotely.  I've already started multiple support tickets with S/S support, but just posting here to see if anyone else has experienced this particular problem.


  • Travis
    Travis Employee

    Hi Gordon, 


    "Other Sheets" indicates the users is assigned to a sheet that you do not have access to. For security reasons, you wont you have access to the sheet names in resource view unless you are shared to the sheets.


    You could try reaching out to the user or another team member and see if they are shared to the sheets and can view the sheet names in resource management.


    I am not sure why you are getting the error message. I looked up your ticket with the Support team and I see our Support representative requested additional information back when this was still an issue for you. I would reply back to the Support rep with the requested information so he can troubleshoot why you might be getting the error.


    Let me know if you dont have access to the email thread anymore and I can reach out to the rep and ask him to contact you.




  • Sailen Kotecha



    Was there any resolution to this,  I am getting the same issue and with admin access, I have access to all the sheets and still can't find the overallocation on 'Other Sheet'


    Basically making the feature useless for me.


    Kind REgards



  • Jeff Pyle
    Jeff Pyle
    edited 03/15/17

    The problem with requesting that the "team" all look at the resource view is that each and every one will have to respond to you individually.  What if you have a team with 20-30 users who are in and out of the office with long backlogs of work?  The difficulty in getting everyone to respond - especially when your resource allocation is driving project planning - in a timely manner, is paralyzing.  There has to be someway to at least show what user is causing an allocation.  Maybe the sheet name can even be secure - but the allocator needs to be seen by all -- or at least the user with the resource allocation.  

  • aballard56561

    Regarding Other Sheets.  We have found that if a sheet has been copied as a new sheet, if the Assigned To names are not removed, that will over-allocate those users when viewing in a Resource View. If you are going to create a copy of a sheet, you must remove the names in the Assigned To, otherwise the Resource Allocation for those users will be inaccurate.  If the copy was shared to you, you will see the name of that sheet in Resource View (under your name) but all others (that aren't shared to that sheet) will see "Other Sheets". 

  • Can you please provide us an option to disable "other sheets".  It skews my resource view and creates a false view of overloading.

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