PMO portal and multiple projects management

edited 12/09/19 in Smartsheet Basics

Hi every one , 

One of my duty is to centralize and ensure the delivery of projects I have been assigned to design a PMO to manage multipke projects initiated by my company . 

I manage about 100 projects annually , and I have been authorized to  a PMO to optimize the management of the company projects . There as six project managers under my responsibility whose I assign projects . 

I usually use EXCEL to track the projects , asking each projet mamanger the status of their projects , and compile information in a spreadsheet that I send to my supervisor on a regular basis . I manage projects documents ( RAID logs , project brief , project charters , meetings minutes , etc ) on MS WORD , and I have to create folders to archieve them . 

My challenge regarding SMARTSHEET today are the following : 

1 ) Create an appealing visual interface ( portal ) so that some specific stakeholders ( project managers , project board , top management ) can get access , work on , or visialize some sheets , reports or dasbord acoording to their authorization level . 

2 ) Track projects individually by sending update requests to project managers on a regular basis ; 

3 ) Set appealing  individual project dashboards if nevessary and  profoflio dashboard ; 

4 ) Manage project documents  ( RAID logs , project brief , project charters , meetings minutes , etc ) so that they can be retrieve and update easily .

I need som ideas before starting and If there is some existing templates , It will be very interesting for me .

Thank you in advance .