Converting Cell Text to Hyperlink

Art Schneiderheinze
edited 04/26/21 in API & Developers

Hi. I have a formula in a cell that generates the name of a course using text from other cells (e.g., BUS-430-BL-6W-1D-Master).


=LEFT([Subject + Course]2, FIND(" ", [Subject + Course]2) - 1) + "-" + RIGHT([Subject + Course]2, LEN([Subject + Course]2) - FIND(" ", [Subject + Course]2)) + "-" + IF(NOT(ISBLANK(Partnership2)), Partnership2 + "-") + UPPER([Modality(s)]2) + IF(FIND("BL", [Modality(s)]2) > 0, "-1D", "") + IF(FIND("OG", [Modality(s)]2) > 0, "-2D", "") + "-Master"

However, this just generates the name of the course.

Ideally, we would like then to make this a hyperlink that takes a user to the course in our learning management system (e.g., The URL is the same for all courses, except for the last 5 digits, which is generated by the learning management system. 

Any idea how we can make the course name (generated from the formula) into a hyperlink (using the fixed portion of the URL plus the unique 5 digit number)? 

In the past, we manually entered the course name and made it a hyperlink (manually entering the URL by copying/pasting from the browser). Now, we having Smartsheet generate the name of the course, but not sure the best way to make it a hyperlink.

This is what we woudl like the cell to display: BUS-430-BL-6W-1D-Master