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Team "Work in Progress" sheet?

edited 12/09/19 in Archived 2016 Posts

Hi All,


We have a team of 5, and one manager overseeing their work.


Then we have 3x project sheets, with rows of tasks. When the team member starts working on the project task, they click a "work in progress" checkbox on that row. 


The manager can view the 3 sheets individually and see when a team member is working, because the checkbox is ticked.


I am planning to make another sheet (Overview Sheet) which will link cells to the "work in progress" checkboxes. So the manager can see an overview across the 3 sheets of who is working on what. The problem is, sometimes we add new rows to the project sheets, and so we'd have to keep updating the new Overview sheet and it sounds like a lot of work.


Does anyone have any ideas on how we can see in real time, who is working on what task?


Hope that makes sense! 


Thanks! :)




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