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How can I exclude a task(s) from my report if the predecessor for that task is not complete?

Tim Lebel
Tim Lebel
edited 12/09/19 in Archived 2016 Posts

I have a dozen or so proejcts each with their own sheet.  I've created a simple report that looks at each project and returns tasks that meet two criteria:

1.  The task has not been marked complete

2.  The task has a due date of 5 days or less.


This report works fine, but it returns more data than I want to report on.  Specifically, it reports on tasks that are dependent on other tasks being completed.  I only want to report on the first task (earliest due date) in a chain of dependent tasks.  


Thank you,




  • Travis
    Travis Employee

    Hi Tim! Reports are designed to bring in rows based on criteria in a single row. 


    In your sheet, you could build a formula that checks the row above for completion (this would work if your tasks are in sequential order and you dont sort/rearrange). 


    The formula could look like this (located in row 6):


    =IF(Status5 = 1, 1, 0)


    This checks the status on row 5 (flag column) and if the task is complete (flagged) then the formula displays a 1. If the task is not complete, it shows a 0. This criteria could then be used as a report criteria. 

  • Judith Blanken
    edited 03/06/16

    For me the same problem. But if I have done like you recommended I can not build the report correctly.



    1. Status must be NOT completed 

    2. Status of predecessor task MUST BE completes


    If I make a report like this only the rows are showed which status NOT completed AND (or OR) predecessor task MUST BE completes. But i Like to have a repport wiith both

    So I like to have in the report


    Rows which not completes but IF there is a predecessor task than only if the extra collumn shows a 1 (predecessor task is completed)


    How can I build that report?

  • Travis
    Travis Employee

    Judith, there would have to be something in your row that indicates the predecessor is completed. You could use a formula to check a box or set a status if the predecessor is complete - then use this in your report. This would be easy if all your rows/predecessors were consecutive but would take a little longer to set up if they are not.  

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