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Jennifer Vaughn
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I am trying to Sum up the parent rows and am getting an "Unparseable" from my formula. Here's the formula. Please let me know what I am doing wrong. I have tried 1 to 4 closing parentheses as well. Same thing. 

=SUM(PARENTS([ST Rev ($)]5:[ST Rev ($)]65)



  • Brian W
    Brian W ✭✭

    I'm not sure it can be done with a single formula. (Someone here with more knowledge may know how.) However, you could create a helper column that checks if a row has children:

    =COUNT(CHILDREN([ST Rev ($)]@row))

    And then sum the cells in your column where the parent column is greater than zero:

    =SUMIF([Parent Column]5:[Parent Column]65, @cell > 0, ([ST Rev ($)]5:[ST Rev ($)]65))

  • Andrée Starå
    Andrée Starå ✭✭✭✭✭✭
    edited 04/03/19

    Hi Jennifer,

    Depending on your sheet structure the most straightforward way would probably be to add a parent at the top of the others sum all the children (the other parents you wanted to sum).

    Would that work?

    Have a fantastic day!


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  • Paul Newcome
    Paul Newcome ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    Both suggestions will work. In the case of Brian's though, you could do without the helper column and just include the criteria in a SUMIFS.


    =SUMIFS([ST Rev ($)]5:[ST Rev ($)]65, [ST Rev ($)]5:[ST Rev ($)]65, COUNT(CHILDREN(@cell)) > 0)


    The only problem you may run in to is if there is a row that has no children but is still on the same hierarchy level as the parent rows.


    Row 1

         Row 2

         Row 3

    Row 4

    Row 5

         Row 6

         Row 7


    In the case above, Row 4 would not be accounted for in the formula as there are no children rows.