Smartsheet API - document generation and attachment to row.

edited 12/09/19 in API & Developers

Been struggling a bit with recent smartsheet api development and was hoping for some insight as to how to handle the following situation:

To bypass the restriction of 5000 rows per sheet, I'm developing an app using NodeJS sdk that will run on a scheduler in the following fashion:

If row count is 4500, next time this app runs it will take a set of rows and "archive" them by creating an excel file or PDF and attaching those rows to another archive sheet.

I've gotten to the point where i have an array of row objects, and know exactly what I'm looking to turn into a document. After doing alot of research, apparently you cant generate any sort of documents from smartsheet api outside of full sheets, or reports which you arent allowed to manipulate programatically?

Am I really expected to create a new sheet, copy these rows over, generate a document, delete sheet, then push this to a smartsheet row? Is there some sort of API features that I'm overlooking?