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Hi, I would like to write a formula that selects the appropriate sales tax rate with each quarter. I think I may be missing something basic when if comes to IF formulas...Does it matter if the sales tax column was created as a dropdown list? Is there a limit to the length of this formula if I were to add on with future tax rate changes? 


=IF([Payments in Quarter]@row = "Q.1.19", "7.10%"), =IF([Payments in Quarter]@row = "Q.3.18", "6.85%"), =IF([Payments in Quarter]@row = "Q.2.19", "7.25%")





  • Nic Larsen
    Nic Larsen ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    You don't need so many brackets around each IF formula or the extra = signs. Also do you want the result to display as text? Right now, it will display 7.10% as text, which will make it difficult if you are trying to use that in another formula. Just remove the quotes and format your column as a %. 


    =IF([Payments in Quarter]@row = "Q.1.19", .0710, IF([Payments in Quarter]@row = "Q.3.18", .0685, IF([Payments in Quarter]@row = "Q.2.19", .0725)

  • Awesome--will try momentarily. Thanks for your suggestion.


    Similar vain, but different formula: how would I ensure a row has no changes if does not have a date?

    =IF([Expiration Date]@row < TODAY(), "Red", IF([Expiration Date]@row = BLANK, ??)


  • Nic Larsen
    Nic Larsen ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    I'm not sure i understand what the result is you are looking for with no changes. But you can edit this one to:

    =IF([Expiration Date]@row < TODAY(), "Red", IF(ISBLANK([Expiration Date]@row), ""))

  • Figured out their is a conflict of interest with a manual dropdown and a formula in this row, so I'll need to think further on its function.

    Thanks for helping me with the Sales Tax formula, works very well! 

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