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Using templates


can anyone explain how to import a template into an exist sheet as an editor?


  • Christian Wells

    Hi Gene, 

    For smartsheet Templates....

    You can click Create NEW > Browse Templates Find the template you want and click "Create Sheet".  The Smartsheet templates have a good amount of detail about the template.


    For a template you have created...

    open it and click "Use Template"


    Then modify for your own use. 

  • SashaR

    Christian is correct about how to use templates. To answer your specific question, you cannot import a template into an existing sheet. You can create new sheets from templates. 


    If you have an existing sheet, you can modify it to be set up exactly like any template or copy and paste data from your existing sheet to the new sheet you created with the template. 

  • Glen L
    Glen L ✭✭

    Hi All

    I was following the discussion but still not clear on the following: 

    I have several existing sheets and have created new (integrated) templates that automate reporting and dashboards

    I want to import the existing sheets into the new template.

    I copy and paste the tasks fairly easily but cannot do same (for whatever reason) with the dates and contacts etc

    I then exported to EXCEL to see whether the import might go easier but still have issue copy/pasting info into the new template

    Do I have to now re-enter all this data or is there an easier method?

    Thanks for your any assistance

  • Christian Wells

    Hi Glen, 

    With out seeing your Template....or your data..

    I suggest Copy out the template to excel, and paste your data into the template format, ensuring the data types are the same and in the same layout.

    Then paste back to Smartsheet.



    Also be aware of any Auto-generated fields, Like Crated date or an Auto-number field. you should not be able to paste into those fields, but these will populate when the sheet is saved.

    Hope this helps

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