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A cell showing current time and date

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Is it possible to have a cell showing the current time and date?


Or alternatively, one cell showing todays date - and another showing the current time?


I actually accomplished this last year, and have since deleted that sheet, and cannot remember how it was done... I found a work-around for it last time... aghh!







  • John Hammond

    Are you asking for a cell that shows the current date and time and updates automatically? As in, every minute, the time updates?


    Smartsheet doesnt track time but you can show todays date using this formula:




    This will update each day.


    There are also two system columns, which show a timestamp (date and time) when a row was created or edited.


    Try emailing Support, they might be able to recover the sheet. 

  • Tris

    Hi John,


    Thanks for the reply. 


    "As in, every minute, the time updates?", - Yes, but it should only update itself upon refreshing. 


    I wonder as a workaround if we could get an app like Zapier to push rows to the sheet every minute? hmmm...



  • John Hammond

    Zapier might be able to do that but sheets are limited to 5000 rows, so you would only get 5000 (max) time updates.


    Could you just look at your computer's clock for the current time? Is there a specific reason you want this displayed in your sheet?

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