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Confirm if a new collaborator has yet to log into a workspace.


I noticed when new collaborators (first-time users of Smartsheet) access the workspace, Smartsheet requests they enter a first/last name. I then see their first/last name in the 'workspace shared to' box on the right-hand side. Is it safe to say, so long I see their email address only, they have yet to access my workspace? 


  • Tim Meeks
    Tim Meeks ✭✭✭✭✭✭



    Assuming that the users have never exisited in Smartsheet that's a good assumption. Where you will run into issues with that logic is if you share an existing Smartsheet user with your Workspace. Thus there name will already be populated.  So you won't be able to tell when they've accessed.


    I think the only way to tell is if you have a Team/Enterprise account and get your SysAdmin to check and see what that user logged in and accessed your Workspace.


    Since I am the SysAdmin on an Enterprise account, i'm not sure how to determine sheet/workspace access by a user if you are NOT on this type accoount.



  • Travis
    Travis Employee

    Tim is correct!


    If you share a workspace (or sheet) with a new user, they will be prompted to add a name the first time they log into their account. 


    They could choose NOT to enter a name.


    If they are an existing user, they will not be prompted to add a name when they access the shared item.


    Team and Enterprise SysAdmins can view the login history under Account Admin - but this does not indicate sheets/workspaces viewed.

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