Add Contact From Cell Value

edited 12/09/19 in Smartsheet Basics


I have a sheet with customers and related information on each row and would like to send a bulk update request to each individual but the email addresses are currently in a simple text field.

I realize I can create an update request triggered from a field, a checkbox I will add for the purpose and check all that apply, but as the email address I want to send to is in a text field and not a Contact field, I can't do so.

I don't mind adding all of them to a contact list and maybe I can do this by exporting all names / email address combos and then uploading as contacts but then I would still have to create a contact column and add the appropriate name to the field to do so , I'm hoping I can do an update of current rows with an excel upload of some type but I'll look into that.

To avoid all of this, I'm wondering if a cell value can be added to a contact list somehow. I tried to add a contact list column and use a formula to take the email address from another cell but it seems a formula won't work in this type of column.

Thanks for any input.